Lay It Down

"A beautiful and lively expression of women's lost voices---the voices of women's spiritual journeys, longings and lost history"
--Betsy Rose

"Winds blowing through the cedar trees. Mary Magdalene at the tomb. A lone cellist on a deserted Sarajevo street corner. Images of the sacred.

The seeds of this project were sown three years ago, perhaps in Carla deSola's Berkeley dance class, or years before, sitting in a circle of women as we shared our pain around traditional god images, and joyfully explored new expressions of the sacred, images to reflect our own lives and stories.

It's been a long road since then. My spiritual companions have challenged and upheld me. And in the darkest times the light remains, constantly reminding me to 'consider the lily'. I'm grateful to have an opportunity to share these songs... and my journey... with you. May they be good companions."

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1. Lay It Down 4:28

2. Sometimes I'm Cedar 3:40

3. Sarajevo 4:21

4. Nothing's More Important Than Love 3:27

5. Love Song for the Hard Times 4:36

6. Mary, Mary 3:52 + MP3 $0.99

7. God, I Cannot Call You Father 3:56

8. They're Comin' After You 2:26

9. Hard Work To Do 3:03

10. Waiting for the Morning 5:35

11. Womanspirit 4:30 9

12. Lady River 2:49