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Songs of Justice, Hope, Spirit and Love

Songwriter Linda Allen is one of those rare performers who combine story and song into a rich and generous flow. She sings the songs that tell of the lives and the work, the hopes and the dreams of people everywhere. Her songs are rooted in tradition and honed by years of commitment to an art that both informs and transforms. She has released ten original recordings, two Northwest songbook collections, and a songbook of original songs. In addition, she is a Certified Clinical Musician and has founded two choirs whose purpose is to sing at the bedside of those who are seriously ill or dying.

Allen has worked with the Washington Women’s History Project, the Washington Centennial Commission (as Washington’s Resident Songwriter), the Washington Women’s History Consortium, the Inquiring Mind program of Humanities Washington, the Cultural Enrichment and Folklife Programs of the State Arts Commission and the Folklife in the Schools program. She has toured extensively throughout the US and beyond. She’s served on the national executive board of Local 1000 of the American Federation of Musicians, and helped establish two community folk centers. She's published two collections of Washington songs and has traveled to numerous schools, museums and libraries with workshops and concerts on Washington's history. In 2006 she visited Israel and Palestine and later completed a recording of children's songs for use in the Peacebuilders program in Bethlehem. She offers a multi-media presentation based on her experience called Pilgrimage: Journey to the Heart of Israel and Palestine.

Linda received her Doctor of Ministry degree with a dissertation called, “The Bridge Between the Earth and Sky: The Spirituality of Voice”. Ordained as an interfaith minister in 2006, Linda frequently teaches workshops and offers keynote addresses at conferences, seeking to empower others to find their physical and creative voices.

Linda is a Certified Clinical Musician. She founded Women with Wings and the Bellingham Threshold Choir whose purpose is to provide comfort music at the bedside of those who are seriously ill or dying. She offers a workshop called  Voices of Compassion: An Introduction to Therapeutic Singing at the Bedside. In 2010, Linda was inducted into the Northwest Women’s Hall of Fame for her work with the choirs.  She recently released a CD based on her work, Carry Us Through This Night, with an accompanying songbook with songs to “lift the heart and heal the spirit”.

Linda tours with her multi-media production, Here's to the Women! Both the silencing of women's experience and the empowering of women's voices are showcased, featuring songs, stories, readings and images with a special emphasis on the struggle for the vote one hundred years ago. Her CD, Here's to the Women! contains songs featured in that presentation, and her latest album is Carry Us Through This Night.

Some Comments:

Linda Allen's music has enriched my life.
The sheer beauty of her songs, the deeply moving lyrics,
and the sweet quality and range of her voice, all combine to open the heart.
They make a person more grateful to be alive.

--Joanna Macy

Linda Allen is a peoples' musician.
People like her keep that idea from becoming a relic of the past.
Linda hears a story, reads a headline, observes a confrontation,
senses a broken heart and then turns it into song.
When we hear it back, we are invited to stay human.

-- Holly Near

A true and elightful artist who poetically tells it all.
--Studs Terkel

OCTOBER ROSE PRODUCTIONS • 4915 Samish Way, Unit 122, Bellingham WA 98229email Linda

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