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Soon available! Carry Us Through This Night. Carry Us Through This Night --
Linda's latest CD grows out of her work at the bedside of those who are seriously ill or dying.  Twenty-eight songs to "heal the heart and lift the spirit"…18 newly composed, and 10 from previous recordings. The accompanying song book, beautifully illustrated, contains all 28 songs.  A portion of the proceeds goes to Holden Village, where Linda now lives and where she wrote many of the songs, and to Whatcom Hospice.

Full-length songs:
Follow the Light

One-minute clips:
I Will Comfort You
If You Cannot Speak
Carry Us Through This Night

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Here's To The Women --
Twenty songs commemorating women's journey to justice! Native weavers and pioneer quilters, suffragists, labor leaders, domestic workers and Rosie the Riveters --this collection highlights the unique voices of women past and present.

Full-length songs:
If You Had Seen Inez

One-minute clips:

Night Of Terror

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To order the CD via check or money order... click here.

Soon available! Women's Work on CD Where I Stand --
Stories of ordinary people who bear witness to a legacy of standing firm in troubled times. Songs of a New Mexican midwife, Julia "Butterfly" Hill, sweatshop workers in American Saipan, Helga Estby who walked across Victorian America, Rachel Corrie, who died defending a Palestinian home, and many more.

Features Cary Black, Jen and Kristin Allen-Zito, Carol McComb, and a host of other musicians.

Full-length songs:
Where I Stand
God of All

One-minute clips:
Old Love

Wake-up Song
The Long Way Home --
A celebration of the road less traveled and the gifts found there. I've been following this dancing, twisting path for most of my life now. It's a path of adventure, faith, commitment, surprise and sometimes, loneliness. Some days I stride out just full of myself. Other days I am deeply afraid. But there are always companions along the way.

Full Length song:
The Long Way Home

One minute clips:
There Will Be An Answer
The Old Moon Rocks in the New Moon's Arms
Echo Song

With Jen & Kristin Allen-Zito, Jim Nunally, Bill Douglass, Laura Smith and David MacVittie

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Lay It Down --
Songs that celebrate the sacred in all its forms... through alternative images drawn from Christian tradition, earth-centered spirituality, and the everyday sacred. It is a spirituality which is grounded in a passion for justice and equality.

Full Length songs:
Lay It Down
God, I Cannot Call You Father

One minute clips:
Hard Work To Do
Mary, Mary

Featuring Linda and her daughters Jen and Kristin, Cary Black, Janis Carper, Tracy Spring, Karen Reitz, Rebel Voices, David Lange, Julian Smedley, Jami Sieber, Linda Severt, Philip Boulding and many others. 1997 - Produced by Linda Allen with David Lange. CD and cassette.

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October Roses --
"October Roses" first appeared in 1984, and like all of my children, the songs have traveled their own path. Through the years, some of the songs have been sung and recorded by others and have become part of their story as well. May these songs open as many doors for you in the listening as they have for me in the writing." Linda Allen, 1999

Full Length song:
October Roses

One minute clips:
Just Friends
Workin' It Out
Why Don't You Sing in the Chorus

Guest appearances by Margie Adam, Geof Morgan, Cary Black, the Righteous Mothers, and more. 1984 - Nexus Records. Produced by Julian Smedley and Linda Allen. CD, Cassette, and LP.

Women's Work --
Songs about women's real work -- building ships, soothing the sick, caring for children in and out of our homes, and working as labor leaders, teachers and builders of peace. Our work encompasses relationships with partners, children, grandparents and community. No less important is the work we do as spiritual seekers, keeping the vision alive.

Full Length song:
Rosie, the Riveter-Revisited

One minute clips:
After School
Peace is the Feeling
Spirit Song

Musicians include Betsy Rose, Frankie Armstrong, Cary Black, Alison Brown and more. 1991 - Flying Fish Records. Produced by Julian Smedley and Linda Allen. Cassette and LP only.

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Washington Notebook --
Nineteen songs of the Northwest written by Linda during Washington's Centennial year... songs which create a rich tapestry of Washington's people: suffragists and miners, basket-weavers and quiltmakers, interned Japanese-Americans and a visionary Native prophet. Learn how the dandelions arrived in Washington, meet Clyde Pangborn, barnstormer, learn of the life of a Yakima farmworker and much more.

Full Length song:
Weaving and Quilting

One minute clips:
Emma and May
Dandelion Song
Executive Order 9066

Washington Notebook features Linda and outstanding Northwest musicians. 1991 - Produced by Cary Black. CD and cassette.

Mama Wanted to be a Rainbow Dancer --
Linda's first recording, exploring women's history, struggles and celebrations. Contains "Circle Me Sisters", "Here's To The Women!", and "Wouldn't It Be Nice" (if the next Jesus Christ came down as a woman?).

Guest appearances by Linda Waterfall, Julian Smedley, and many others. 1982 - Nexus Records. Produced by Julian Smedley. Cassette only.

Rainbow Dancer is no longer in print.


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