Bellingham Folk Festival

SATURDAY, December 20th, 2014

The Bellingham Folk Festival is a celebration of folk music in the heart of beautiful Bellingham, WA. The festival offers two days of inspiring workshops, performances, dances, and jams for all ages.

Linda’s workshop:  Singing Our History   4:00 – 4:50 pm
Folk songs have been a way that people through history have told their stories: stories of ordinary and extraordinary lives. Songwriter Linda Allen will share songs she has composed that preserve pieces of history that could have been lost: Songs of labor struggles, suffragists, peace activists; songs of protest and songs of celebration.

Bellingham Unitarian Fellowship
1207 Ellsworth St., Bellingham, WA
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Linda will be organizing and participating in the following events at Holden Village:

Join Linda and other Holden staff and teachers for a taste of Holden Village, during this time of construction when the village itself is closed to guests during the summer. In the Northwest, Linda will be offering workshops at the following events:

March 6– 9, 2015  Compassionate Voices Retreat - Holden Village, Chelan, WA

This meaningful retreat offers sessions on grief, caregiving, death and dying, singing at the bedside, and art and movement activities.  Sessions will be led by Hospice professionals, therapeutic artists and musicians, and chaplains.  All are welcome!

March 20 - 23, 2015  Holden Folk Festival - Holden Village, Chelan, WA

Concerts, Jam sessions, music workshops, crafts and more will keep your toes tapping and your heart happy.  Come to dance, sing, learn, listen, and remember how good it is to gather together – old and young – to celebrate life!

March 26, 2015  Daughter of Lilith - Holden Village, Chelan, WA

This is a work in progress….a multi-media review of Biblical women, including Linda’s original songs, dance, poems and readings.  Unorthodox…sometimes outrageous...a village project.


For more information about these retreats,
please email
For more information about Holden Village, and to register, please visit:, click on “Visit Holden”, then “Reservations.”

There is no additional charge for these retreats. Simply register for the dates. Be sure to check the Lady of the Lake boat schedule. Boats travel Monday, Wednesday and Friday at this time of year.


Holden Village is located ten miles above Lake Chelan in North Central Washington. Surrounded by the Glacier Peak Wilderness, it occupies the town facilities of a former copper mining operation, which was active from 1937-57. It is sustained primarily by volunteer staff and welcomes people of all faiths, ages, nationalities and lifestyles.

Want to Host a House Concert?

Beginning June 1st, 2015, Linda will be seeking opportunities for house concerts and smaller venues. Please email her at if you are interested in hosting a concert.

How to do a House Concert
How would you like to bring suffragists and Wobblies, environmental activists and struggling farmers, weavers and quilters into your living room?  You, too, can sponsor a house concert!

Just find twenty friends (or more) who are willing to pay just $15.00 each - provide chairs (or blankets or have them bring their own)

and Linda will come --with her guitar and her songs and stories about ordinary and extraordinary lives.  Maybe you can help fund a favorite cause --or simply bring your friends together.

Get in touch --she'd love to hear from you.
It's easier than you think!


From all of us here at October Rose Productions . . . Thanks for checking us out.

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