Lay It Down
© 1994, Linda Allen
February 10, 1994

Lay It Down

My young son - came through the door
He was cryin' like I'd never heard before
His friend, Tim - had taunted him
And the hateful words lay scattered on the floor

(And I said) Lay it down, Lay it down
Let my breast be your pillow, lay it down
Lay it down, lay it down
There is comfort in my arms, lay it down

The man I love was on the phone
He said, honey, I am weary to my bones
You know I try, but dreams can die
So keep the light burnin, love, I'm comin' home


The family's gone - I'm all alone
And the sound of my own heart is gettin' strong
And I know regret - Things I can't forget
And I cry, God help me find my way back home

(She said) Chorus

Repeat chorus