Love Song for the Hard Times
© 1991 Linda Allen
Written in response to the petition drive of the Oregon Citizen's Alliance to put on the ballot a measure aimed at taking away the civil rights of gays and lesbians.


It's the days when we're tired, words can fall like stones
Days I want to hang it all and run away from home
Caught between my need for you and need to be alone
That's the time I need another love song

Honey, it's easy to love you
When things are going fine
Easy to love you
When the words are soft and kind
Easy to love you
When the love light shines
What I need is a love song for the hard times

Sometimes it's your job, and you seem hard and cold
And I can see how it robs your dreams and bends your soul
How many times the best of you's been bought and sold
Hard to find the lover and the love song

And I'm not often kind when love seems far away
My silence builds a wall as hard as stone and clay
And you're the one who calls me, but I walk away
I pray you'll keep on searching for our love song

Well love songs can be foolish, just a partial view
Love songs can be rivers seeking something new
But our love keeps on aging like a polished stone
And here's another poem, another love song