Nothing's More Important Than Love
©Linda Allen 1988


I went out walkin' with a friend yesterday
She was laughin' and smilin' all the way
I'd come to comfort, she had almost lost her life
But instead she had a few things to say

She said,
Nothing's more important than love in the world
Nothing's more important than love
When it's all said and done and there's no place to run
Nothing's more important than love

Cancer got my mother and it almost got me
No way to know - it might get me yet
But my body's been rockin' in the love of my friends
It's a lesson I'll never forget CHORUS

What seemed important just a short time ago
Seems like nothing - just dust in the wind
And I thank heaven for each new day of life
It may seem simple, but I'll say it again CHORUS

For my friend, Cathy Hayward, who taught me about dying well.