Hard Work To Do
© 1986 Linda Allen

Hard Work To Do

Well, people these are hard times
'Bout the hardest I have known
And the headlines in the paper sometimes chill me to the bone
And we look for easy answers
Some new words to see us through
But it's a thin disguise when we recognize that there's hard work to do

You can believe in Jesus or God on high
Believe in me as I believe in you
Believe in the light at the end of the tunnel,
But there's Hard work to do

Hard work to do
Hard work to do
Put your faith in the future but your hand on the plow
Cause there's hard work to do

Well, some are gonna tell you
They've got the answer to your pain
Just sign the dotted line, my friend, and you'll never have to think again
But beware of politicians, bible hucksters and gurus
Don't give your power away, let your heart lead the way
Cause there's hard work to do


Now, we've tried religion (hard work)
indecision (hard work)
meditation (hard work)
anticipation (hard work)
politicians (hard work)
nuclear fission (hard workP
a new lover (hard work)
Your dad and your mother (hard work)