Waiting for the Morning
© 1994 Linda Allen

Waiting for the Morning

I think I was his best friend,
and I loved him long and well,
From the Galilean mountains
to the lonely edge of hell
And I loved him like a woman,
and I loved him like a friend
But the very love that healed me
just might kill me in the end

Waiting for the morning, waiting for the light
Waiting for the morning, waiting for the light

God knows I was afflicted,
'tho' it wasn't like some said
I was no whore, but other demons
danced around my head
Then he reached right out and touched me,
and I looked into his face
I'll never understand it,
but my soul was bathed in grace (Chorus)

And so I came to be with him,
He chose me on that day
Some thought we were lovers,
and we were -- well, --in a way
For he shared his deepest thoughts with me,
the shadow and the fears
I've never seen such courage,
and my face has felt his tears (chorus)

By day we walked & planned & hoped,
by night we talked & prayed
I think his friends were jealous,
but they stayed out of my way
Then one day near Jerusalem,
he shared a mystery
He seemed so pale and frightened,
I cried, "How can this be?" (Chorus)

I went to tell the others,
they could not understand
I hardly understood myself --
a sacrificial lamb?
But then today the sky turned black,
my love nailed to a tree
The others were in hiding,
but I just had to see (Chorus)

Besides this stony cavern
where they laid him, it is cold
The darkness seems so heavy,
and I feel so lost & old
The tears are all cried out now,
and I raise my fist and cry --
What God would send an only son
to suffer and to die? (Chorus)

I don't believe that God did that --
it's people that are cruel
Those who threaten power
will be killed by those who rule
But life springs forth from darkness,
and this I do believe
A life lived well and holy
has planted many seeds
And I will pray and work and hope,
and I will carry on
And in the darkness listen for
The coming of the dawn (Chorus)