Sometimes I'm Cedar
© 1995 Linda Allen

Sometimes I'm Cedar

Sometimes I'm Cedar with rain in my hair
Roots growing deeper with each passing year
Sometimes I'm Willow, I bend in the wind
Sheltering my children 'til the sun comes again

Sometimes I'm Deer walking soft through the trees
Part of it all, such a sweet mystery
Sometimes I'm Seagull, soaring high above ground
Most times I'm Squirrel, how I scurry around

Sometimes I'm Poppy, how my colors explode
Longing to please every heart on the road
So filled with myself that I light up the sky
Sometimes I'm Nettle, and you'd best pass me by

Sometimes I'm River just dancing along
Filling the air with a sweet river song
Then I am Ocean, so strong and so wide
Rocking my lover like a boat on the tide

Repeat bridge and verse 1