Mary, Mary
© 1992 Linda Allen

Mary, Mary

Mary, Mary, there's a strange light coming
And its coming to your window now,
its standing at your door
And you welcome the mystery, the
God-given ecstasy, you cry,
my soul does magnify the bringer of the light

And the light's still shining,
Mary, Mary, can you see?
And the child you carried
carries on the mystery
God's great promise in a young girl's body
Glory! Glory! Blessed be. Blessed be.
Glory! Glory! Blessed be. Blessed be.

Mary, Mary, it's your young boy teaching
And he's preaching in the temple and
the elders turn and stare
Mary, Mary, you know
It's the sweet unfolding
God's great mystery, there's magic in the air CHORUS

Mary, Mary, it's your son who's dying
It's the world turned blind and in the
darkness there is fear
But the dark holds a promise and the
Cool earth is resting
And the sweet rain's returning
Singing Spring will soon be here CHORUS

Mary, Mary, in the room you're waiting
And the rush of wings beats loudly' round
the friends all gathered here
And the fire comes dancing and the
Sweet voices singing, and the
light comes shining, there is
freedom in the air CHORUS