©1996 Linda Allen


Eve, you lived on the edge of town
Seemed like a long way from nowhere
Your mama took you to church every Sunday
But you always felt like a stranger there
They read you the story of Adam and Eve
Eve --that's where it began
They said all of the evil in the world took root
When Eve gave the apple to the man

You heard the words and they burned your cheeks
Shame took the heart of this girl-child
They said, watch what you wear, watch how you stand
Even what you touch could be defiled-
Eve, let me tell you the story again.
Eve was the Mother of All Living
Snake was immortal, a symbol of hope
In the garden no need for forgiving

Standin' naked in the garden
With the wind dancing through her hair
She dared to know and she dared to love
And it was good, Eve -
Oh, you know it was good

Eve ate the fruit for the knowledge she'd gain
She shared it all with the Man
Then they made love, and children came
They laughed and danced in the Garden
Who is this god that you worship and fear?
Listen, your heart knows the answer
Shame is no gift from a god, my dear
Be proud you're a woman, sweet dancer