Love Is A Stone
© 1995 Linda Allen

Love Is A Stone

Once I believed that love was a fire
Burning up hearts with our foolish desires
And love was a wave that pounded the shore
Drew back exhausted - then came back for more

Once I believed that love was the sand
Free and elusive, it slipped through my hand
And love was the thunder that rolled through the sky
Leaving me breathless, and wondering why CHORUS

Now I believe that love is a stone
Quietly waiting for me to come home
Tempered by fire, and worn smooth by the waves
Strong as your arms at the end of my day

Love is a stone with its rough edges gone
Gently resisting the sweet river song
And love is a rock planted deep in the earth
Slow as the season from death until birth

You are the river, and you are the song
You are the fire - I've learned to be strong
You are the wave that rocks me to sleep
You are the earth that cradles me deep CHORUS