Shadow of the Wolf
©1998 Linda Allen

Shadow of the Wolf

She's been walking in the rain
She's been sighing, there's a pain he cannot understand
He brings her chocolate, brings her tea
He talks of love, he sees her grief, he tries to hold her hand
When they make love, her tears may fall
And in the night he'll hear her call, but it is not for him
Some days her clothes are torn and stained
Her hair is wild, her eyes are flames, she looks so
gaunt and thin

And she's walking through the streets
Now she's running in the moonlight
There's a shadow on the buildings
And a howl that shatters memory
And the city disappears
And the forest knows its own
She is home, she is home
(after v. 3, change to YOU)
She's been acting rather strangely,
She's spent hours re-arranging pictures on the wall
At night she'll put the kids to bed,
Kiss them gently on their heads, then pace along the hall
But there's no reason he can see
Perhaps the season, or the need to have some time alone
He calls his mother, she agrees
To take the children to the country, now he turns, and she is

It begins with just a spark,
Eyes wide open in the darkness on a full moon night
There's a calling, it's a voice
Without, within, there is no choice, you know the time is right
For you've been delicately tamed
You've lost your voice, you've lost your name & and shame confines your will
But now you're clawing at the door
For there is more, oh, there is more and you remember still CHORUS