The Long Way Home
©1996Linda Allen

The Long Way Home

Sometimes I love the road --
and sometimes I'm just tired
I can feel like God's own chosen --
then long for a nice, warm fire
Sometimes I'm full of passion
for the things that I believe
Sometimes I wonder whatever happened
to that young girl that was me

Oh, oh rock me easy, I'm takin' the long way home
Oh, oh, rock me easy, I'm takin' the long way home

Never knew it would take so long
to get back to where I started
Never knew how the road would bend
and leave me broken-hearted
Never planned the route too well,
just followed each day's yearnings
Always seemed a rocky road
that set my soul to burning CHORUS

See Old Crow sitting there,
he's laughin' every step I take
He knows how the wind can take you
and give your soul a shake
Spin ya 'round & upside down,
and soon your dreams are scattered.
Makes me want to hold my ground
and find the roots that matter. CHORUS

Sometimes, you know, I wonder
whatever made me step out here
Those nights when the moon is dark
and there's nobody here but Fear
Cause it's a cold and lonely road,
if you think you're all alone
Then I think of you, my friend,
in my heart and in my bones CHORUS