It Never Seemed Right
©1997 Linda Allen

It Never Seemed Right

Well, it started with a fish
And a wish I made at a carnival show
Threw the line in low
And the man said, "Whoa, you won the prize"
It was the fish with the silver eyes
She was a lovely sight
But it never seemed right

Oh, it never seemed right
No, it never seemed right
Bugs in a jar, and cougars in a zoo,
Hamsters in a cage for a better view
We were watchin' them but they were watchin' too
But it never seemed right
No it never seemed right

There was a parakeet
Couldn't sleep for the noise that bird would make
How his cage would shake
He was smart and as blue as the summer sky
The sky he'd never fly
'Til the day he died
You know, it never seemed right CHORUS

Some things you know deep in your soul
'tho you may not understand
Some things you feel are more than real
When you hold them in your hand
There are those who will tell their story
There are those who never can

He was a frightened kid
Hid in a car that was headed North
'Course they found him out
Heard the border guards shout, and he felt rough hands
As they grabbed him tight
He was in jail by night
But it didn't seem right CHORUS