The Healing of the Night
©1997 Linda Allen

The Healing of the Night

As the days grow short with the fading of the light
There are times I've wandered too far into the night
Without a star where no angel appeared
Without a hope and a heart full of tears
Then I wait for you --

And the healing of the night
with your body close to mine
The healing of the night
And your warmth like summer wine
And in the darkness I come home again
To the light in you, the light in you, my friend

It's hard to keep believing when the journey seems so long
Hard to find the reason without the angel's song
Feeling tossed like a bird on the wind
Feeling lost, and so far from a friend
Then I come home to you CHORUS

So I wait and wonder in the silence of the night
Listening for the music and the promise of the light
Only love and the touch of your hand
Only love brings the dawn once again
I believe in you CHORUS