Nobody Came
words ©2005 Linda Allen,
tune: Traditional hymn:”Farther Along”

They told us to leave, Lord, before Katrina hit land
We had no car, so, we just took a stand
But the water kept risin', we were sure help would come
For many a soul, it, was too late to run

Nobody came, Lord, Nobody came
We were cryin'and dyin', and calling your name
But ain't it a sin, Lord? Ain't it a shame?
The water kept risin', and nobody came

The storm it was raging, and it tore up our home
Stuck on a roof top, we tried to call on a phone
We called for the police, they said they would try
Guess they were scared of the looters, they just
passed us by

To the Convention Center some were taken that day
Guards thought there'd be trouble, so they locked them away
For three days, no water, no food and no pride
Id like to see Bush or Cheney live like they did inside CHORUS

In a forgotten rest home, the nurses cried out
"The people will die if you don't get them out
They all deserve better!" They waited in vain
Ain't it a shame, Lord? Nobody came

They came for the tourists in their fancy hotels
But it seemed like the 9th Ward could just go to hell
There's a body on my street, two weeks, in the sun
We keep calling and asking, but nobody comes CHORUS

There's many an angel who did all they could
They're saints and they're heroes, they're brave and they're good
But Iraq took our Guard, and, politicians took time
Too many folks died, and I say that's a crime.

God, You gave us two strong hands, two eyes that can see
For helping our neighbors through life's stormy seas
We got to hold up each other, its not You that's to blame
But the water kept risin' and nobody came CHORUS