The Hutterite Way
©Linda Allen 1989

One Spirit, one heart - the people of the Way
All things in common, we plant and we pray

For 500 years, the Hutterite people
Have lived by the teachings of Jesus, our Lord
He said, "Share what you have - reap the fruits of your labor
Take for yourselves what you need, and no more."

We provide for ourselves, and for those who come after
The children will come like the waves to the shore
And for love of these children, with God's word to guide us
No one can compel us to send them to war

We followed our conscience from country to country
The governments welcomed our skill at the plow
But when the wars came, as the wars always do
They'd come for our young men, no matter their vow

We remember the martyrs who've died for their conscience
From the beginning their stories we tell
We remember two brothers - Michael and Joseph-
Tortured and murdered in a cold Kansas cell

Instrumental chorus

We live our lives simply - farming this country
We follow traditions our people hold dear
Care for the elders, prepare for the children
God's holy burden lived faithfully here

I visited a Hutterite community near Reardan with my daughter
Jennifer. We were inspired by their generosity and gentle ways.
They sang for us and we sang for them. This song was written as
a gift to this lovely community of people.