Eureka Camp (Republic)
©Linda Allen 1989
Written in June for Madilane Perry

Mermaid and the Fairy Queen
Looking Backward, Six Nineteen
First Thought, Last Shot, Mountain King
Gold! Eureka Camp!

Alice, Agnes, Ida May
Golden Eagle and Blue Jay
Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, hey!
Gold! Eureka Camp!

In Ferry County, Washington
See the boomers on the run
Fever's got 'em, every one -
Gold! Eureka Camp!

Eighteen hundred ninety-six
Pitched our tents on Eureka Creek
To grab the gold and get out quick -
Gold! Eureka Camp! (chorus)

Some say these hills are full of gold
But hard rock miners just grow old
Lookin' for the Mother Lode -
Gold! Eureka Camp!

Some day I might settle down
Find a gal in Curlew Town
Gold to trim her wedding gown
Gold! Eureka Camp! (chorus)

Old Jim Hill was doin' fine
Layin' track to Eureka's mines
But he got beat by the Hot Air Line
Gold! Eureka Camp!

Nelson Brothers doing great
Takin' orders, loadin' freight
I'll take up sellin' real estate
Gold! Eureka Camp! (chorus)

The chorus of this song is made up of the names of mining claims
filed at the turn of the century in what is now Republic. My
thanks to Madilane Perry of Republic who suggested the idea for
this song, and took me to visit some of the over 100 claims.