The North Coast
©Linda Allen 1989

It's said the ocean is for lovers, and I think that may be true
For it moves just like your heartbeat when I'm lying next to you
And we're listening to the waters, the eternal ebb and flow
And it feels just like forever, something deeper than we know

And the beaches of the North Coast have a magic all their own
From Alava to Rialto, twisted trees and battered stone
And I never knew the world could have so many shades of grey
Staring out into forever on a foggy summer day

We walk along the water and the sun breaks through awhile
And the light will dance and sparkle, it could make a seagull
And the rocks loom up like ghostly ships arising from the sea
And the wonder of this beauty makes a poet out of me CHORUS

On the rocks along the North Coast where the stormy waters break
The starfish and the muscles cling like rust to some old rake
It's a wonder how they're holding on through life's adversities
But I know I'll be here with you, love, through calm or windy

Instrumental Chorus

I know we're just beginning and our journey will be long
And this honeymoon will soon be just a time that's come & gone
But the memory of this wild and wondrous place will come again
Our sweet loving, and the North Coast, both eternal as the wind


On August 12th, I married Scott Slaba. This song was written
over the three days spent on our honeymoon, camping out on Rialto