Termination Winds
©Linda Allen 1989

We came here in '29 and settled near White Bluff
Dug a farm from sagebrush, Lord, those years were mighty tough
But Uncle Sam bought all our lands, said it'd help the war to end
Soon our farms were blown away by termination winds

The desert wind can blow here 'til you've almost lost your mind
Sand will fill your mouth and nose and eyes 'til you're half blind
Some folks dig in deeper and just pray the storm will end
Others pack their bags and leave these termination winds

I went to work for Hanford, that was nineteen forty-three
What we labored hard to build remained a mystery
The land was torn up pretty bad and the dust storms would begin
Folks stood all day to draw their pay & leave - termination winds



Well, things are changing fast these days, the old plants have shut down
Some folks have been worried 'bout what's buried underground
I've spent sixty years here - it'd be hard to start again
Guess I'll stay and see what comes with these termination winds

I spent time in Kennewick with John and Mikki Perry. John works
at Hanford and suggested the theme of "termination winds"...a
well-known phenomenon amongst Hanford employees. I also stayed
with Bud (a fine cowboy poet) and Shirley Stewart of Royal City.
Shirley's family was displaced by Hanford back in 1943, and she
had stories to tell.