The Winter of '89
©Linda Allen 1989
(Additional verse: Philip Morgan)

Lord, didn't it freeze!
From the hobo's toes to the top of the trees
The cars stalled up and the water pipes froze
And the kids whooped and hollered when the schools all closed
Bet my last thin dime, we never had such a time
As the winter of '89

Well the wind started up, and the temperatures fell
Then the power lines broke and it was dark as well
But the kids started smilin' when Lake Padden froze
They didn't mind the frost on their eyes and nose

Chorus: (with following line)
Bet my last hot meal we never had such a deal

(Instrumental turnaround)

Now in Whatcom County every farmer knows
That you can't milk a cow when its teats are froze
And the raspberry pickins could be mighty slim
But you don't really know 'til the crops come in

Bet my new wool mitten, I sure ain't a kiddin'
(Chorus instrumental)

Well we prayed for a thaw, then we started to curse
For what came after was a whole lot worse
Cause the pipes started poppin' when the water broke free
And the basement looked like a rollin' sea

Bet my long underwear 'cause you know I was there

Now the neighbors got together and they swapped some tales
'bout the winter of '50 and its freezing gales
But the coldest was the winter of '96
When the captain's shadow froze on the deck of the ship
(Additional verse by Philip Morgan)
Well, the Winter of '89 was cold
But the story isn't fully told
We had to add just one more verse
'Cause the Winter of '90 was even worse
Same as first
Last line: Bet my long underwear, cause you know, I was there
In the Winter of '89
These are true stories from my home county. Most of the pipes
under our house broke. What a winter that was!