October Roses
©Linda Allen 1984

You say you are sorry for the youth that you lack
For the sag of your breasts, for the bend in your back
For your hair turning grey, and the tears that now flow
For the choices you made such a long time ago

Spring roses are lovely, they make my heart sing
And in summer, the roses sweet memories bring
But I most need the rose when the bitter winds call
October Roses are the fairest of all
October Roses are the fairest of all

As a maid, you were lovely, your cheeks bloomed so red
And you gave your heart freely, too freely you said
As a woman full grown you knew passion and strife
And a tender heart torn with the thorns of your life

Now you're growing older, sometimes you feel done
But your strong roots still hold you, you still find the sun
For you blossom with wisdom and courage and care
You're the fairest of roses that bloom anywhere