Just Friends
© Linda Allen

We were such good friends - how we smiled the day away

Allies to the end - but something changed today

For i looked in your face - so familiar and so dear

And i had to turn away - before my heart gave me away

For we are just friends - and that has been a gift to me

We are just friends - and that is all that we can be

But my heart wants to dance - wants to fly and take a chance

And see what just friends can be

Conversations - all the secrets that we shared

Through the good times and the bad times

You were always there

Now i just smile a quick hello

So afraid somehow you'll know

Then i turn and walk away - before my heart gives me away

For we are just friends - and i can't let these feelings show

We are just friends - still i long for you to know

What my heart can't deny - why i'm suddenly so shy

If we are just good friends


Repeat chorus 1