Together Again
© 1984 Linda Allen

Together again - through struggle and tears
Together again - letting go of our fears
Our separate paths gave us strenth on the way
Now together again - we'll weave a new day

Once I held you close - honey, you seemed so strong
Never thought I could make it in this wide world alone
I thought you'd protect me - and you played along
I never imagined one day you'd be gone

Yes I held you close - with my love and my fear
So afraid to be angry - so afraid of my tears
You expected too much - and I guess I did, too
We parted in anger - didn't know what to do


Well, I first found myself in tears and in rage
And the women who loved me gave me strength day by day

For years I felt guilty just for being a man
Now I know it's not easy, but we must start again

Now together again - with our hearts in our hands
Together again - with new hopes and new plans
Loving and needing - we reach out our hands
Together again - new woman - new man
Together again - new woman - new man