Sally's Quiche
©1984, Linda Allen

I first tried Sally's recipe a few years ago
When my baby was newborn, I felt kind of low
Sally came with a smile, and a salad and quiche
I wonder if she ever knew what joy that brought me

Two cups of milk and two cups grated cheese
Four pats of butter, a half cup Krusteaz
Four eggs and some spinach, spices to please
Bake 45 minutes, 350 degrees

Sally brought me the recipe, said it had served her well
In raising her children for years by herself
It didn't take long, and that's important, she said
When your children are crying and need to be fed


And Sally brought wisdom and comfort and care
And the recipe brings back the friendship we share
It's an age-old tradition our foremothers knew
In grateful remembrance, I pass it to you


This song/recipe appears on my CD, October Roses. It was inspired by my friend, Sally Kintner, when she brought over a beautiful quiche, a bottle of wine, and a loaf of bread in a basket and gave it to me shortly after the birth of my daughter, Kristin. We became good friends after that wonderful act of kindness, and I presented this song to her as a 40th birthday present.