Why Don't You Sing in the Chorus?
©1984, Linda Allen

When I was eight - in Roosevelt Elementary
In the school Christmas pageant, I longed to be Mary
But Susan was picked - Susan was pretty
All the boys chased Susan - I hated Susan
Then the teacher said, Never mind, dear
There's a place just for you, never fear

Why don't you sing in the chorus?
There's still lots of room in the chorus
You may not be a star, but sing where you are
You'll find lots of friends in the chorus

Then I was twelve in North Junior High School
In the class talent show, I thought it'd be cool to be
Chosen to solo, but I felt like a fool when that
Awful Mr. Johnson - I hated Mr. Johnson
Sneered at me - laughed at my song
And he said, In the chorus is where you belong CHORUS

Then I was eighteen and in university
And I thought that an acress was what I could be
So I tried out for musicals, it was so clear to me that I
Surely had talent - Didn't they know talent?
Then at auditions, I'd wish I was dead
When the music director smiled and nodded and said CHORUS

Well, it's been many years since Roosevelt Elementary
And all of the wishes of what I could be
I was awkward and shy, and I wasn't so pretty
But I learned how to sing with the chorus around me
And the friendships and sweet harmonies
Helped me to be what I wanted to be - So -CHORUS