Where I Stand
Where I Stand
©2002 Linda Allen (I play Gc2)

Woman standing in the rain on a cold October day
In her hand there was a sign,
It said, There Must Be A Better Way.
By her side her child asked why
Do you do the things you do?
Once, you know, I did it for me,
Now I'm doing it for you

So you will know where I stand
You will know who I am
You will know where I stand
If it all falls down

Grey were the stones of the courthouse steps and grey was the autumn sky
Grey were the faces of the passing people looking down as they walked by
Black and white was the news that morning in a world about to die.
Red as blood was the sign above, and the child again asked,

Used to be I believed I could change some hearts with a hand-made sign
Now I know I gotta keep on so that others won't change mine.
Sometimes things have to fall apart to make way for something new
Hold a sign, hold a vision 'cause I'm leavin' it up to you. CHORUS