©2000 Linda Allen

Some kinds of heroes in this world
Take the long road, walkin' day by day
For a better way
Some kinds of heroes in this world
Leave the earth to fight up in the sky
Like Butterfly
Through the sound of the saw with its screech and moan
She heard the cry of the ancient one
She climbed her branches and she built a home
With a love as big as the morning sun CHORUS
For two long years she held her place
In the arms of the redwood's loving grace
The woods were silent as they rested there
Through the power of love, the tree was spared CHORUS

I may not walk have courage to walk like Gandhi
Or feel the call of an ancient tree
But if I can center in love, like these
I may be a hero to some
Some day CHORUS

Dedicated to Julia “Butterfly” Hill, who spent two years living in a 600 year old redwood she named Luna, to save it from being logged.