Simple Dances
You are Born of the Stars ©2003 Linda Allen
The following song is a circle dance. There is an inner circle and outer circle, and people are coupled up. Each does the same movements at the same time. Begin by facing partner. For the first line, sprinkle star dust over the head of partner. For the second line, stretch arms skyward. For the third line, Put hands over your heart. For the third line, twirl to the right, leading with right hand raised, to new partner.

You are born of the stars and the earth.
The Universe sings at your birth.
In the heart's smallest spaces, the Universe faces itself
In wonder and awe.

Ashes & Smoke ©2001 Linda Allen
The following song is part of a larger song written after September 11th.
Begin with partners facing each other around the circle. In the first line, clap hands in the air, first on"burned", and again on "burned". Then raise hands above the head, weaving them together imitating fire.
On the second line, pass one hand in front of the face, then the other on the words, "ashes". Then lower them on "smoke."
On the third line, put palms together and raise them
On the fourth line, put hands on each other's right shoulders and walk around to new partner.

We have been burned, burned by the fire
And we are ashes, ashes and smoke
But we will rise, higher and higher
On the wings of compassion, justice and hope

The Great Turning ©2004 Linda Allen
This chant and dance was inspired by the work of Joanna Macy.
Participants begin in a large circle, and learn the first four lines, walking to the right in time to the music. After practicing this, everyone practices the second part. Participants stop and raise the right hand in a "stop" motion for the first line. Then walk to the left for the second line. Repeat for the third and fourth lines. Everyone practices this together. Then everyone practices the last four lines. On the first line, participants walk slowly to the right. Then on the second line, arms are lifted upward, and participants spin slowly. Repeat for the third and fourth lines.

After everyone learns all the parts, we begin. There is a large circle for the first four lines. After it is repeated twice, About half the group steps in to form a smaller circle, and begin the second four lines. The outside circle continues the first four lines. After the second line is done twice, a smaller circle is formed by people in the second ring. There are now three rings. The smallest circle begins chanting the last four lines, as the other circles continue their chants. This continues until it seems time to stop. The leader will pre-determine that the signal to stop is that the leader will lift up arms and hold the note.

1. The Great Wheel is turning
Turning and turning
The Great Wheel is turning
We will survive

2. Hold the line
Turning and turning
Hold the line
We will survive

3. Remember what you once knew
All life is holy
Widening the circle
We will survivet