Wake-up Song
Wake-up Song
©2005 Linda Allen

Wake-up Song ©2005 Linda Allen
Wake up, Nathaniel, now open your eyes
There's a brand new day waiting for you to arise
Here's a handful of rainbows for a day full of joy
Here's a tickle and giggle for my little boy

Wake up, Nathaniel, and put on your shirt
Give me a smile so I'll know you're alert
School will be starting, and won't that be fun?
The cocoa is ready and the oatmeal is done

Get up, Nathaniel, it's getting quite late
I'm getting tired and my work cannot wait
So I'll sing you this song and then sing it some more
Til your head leaves the pillow and your feet hit the floor

Get up, Nathaniel, this songs getting worse
Better get up now, or I'll sing the next verse
It's getting quite sad, and the verses are loooooong
You need lots of words for a getting' up song

Get up, Nathaniel, this verse is quite LOUD
It's shrill and it's scratchy and doesn't rhyme much
I hope pretty soon that you'll get out of bed
Or I'll have to sing this line over again

Get up, Nathaniel, I'm not nearly done
I'll bring in the banjo, the fiddle and drum
The cocoa is cold and the oatmeal is glue
Well, hello, Nathaniel, good morning to you.