Mama Cleans Out Her Purse
Mama Cleans Out Her Purse
©2005 Linda Allen

Hello, Susan, how ya doin? Always good to see your face
How is William? And the children? Oh, that Megan's such a case!
I do appreciate your offer, Shopping's always such a bore
I'll be ready, dear, one moment -While I do this little chore

My purse is weighing far too much, I hardly drag it out the door
It's stuffed with this & that, and really I don't need it anymore
What's your hurry? Just relax, We'll chat, and you can have some tea
I'll clean out my purse, and then, We'll head out to the A & P

Now here's a sight, my army knife, I thought I lost it long ago
Here's my first aid kit still sealed, But honey, you just never know
Here's the photos of you children, Starting when you started school
Come and see your little Megan, That girl's sure nobody's fool

Here's a key to someone's house, I don't recall whose house that was
Reminds me of your old apartment, What an awful place that was!
Druggie's hung out on the corner, Roaches crawled from every hole
How I wanted you to come home, But you made it, bless your soul

I just found this piece of candy, It's your favorite, I recall
Just let me brush off all this fuzz, and, Honey, don't look so appalled
I remember stuff you'd eat, A slug, an ant, a gob of glue
Then you were a teen, it seemed like, Nothing in the house would do

I sometimes wonder how we did it, Raisin' you kids, squeakin' through
Guess we kept out sense of humor, God, we laughed at things you'd do
So just relax, dear, love those kids, And let 'em know that every day
Soon they'll grow up, much too quickly, There! I'm done. We're on our way.