Night of Terror
On November 14, 1917, 30 Suffragists in Occoquan Workhouse were beaten, threatened, and mistreated in what came to be known as the "night of terror."
©2008 Linda Allen

Let me tell you, my girl, there are things you don't know about me
There are things I've been through, I've been silent too long, I can see
Yes, I stood at the White House, with signs quoting Wilson's own words

They jailed us at Occaquan Work House, it seemed so absurd
I'll tell you the story, and no, it is not very nice
In the jail we were stripped, then wore dresses soon covered with lice
Worms in our food and a hunger strike, we were force fed

They strapped us to chairs and forced tubes down our throats 'til we bled
We did it for you - we did it for you
To give you a voice, to give you a choice,
We did it for you

When Alice came in, it was hot and as stuffy as hell
She demanded they open a window, and a cold silence fell
They did not comply, so she threw a book right through the pane
We cheered, they took Alice, and tried to prove she was insane

We'd hear bloodhounds and lashes and screams, we feared for our lives
But our passion for what we believed helped us to survive
We believed that our suffering would bring our cause into the light
My girl, can you not understand, that we fought for your rights? CHORUS 2x