If You had Seen Inez
Inez Milholland was a labor lawyer, public speaker, WWI protester and suffragist who was known as the martyr of the Women's Suffrage Movement. Despite an illness, she went on a speaking tour in the West and collapsed while giving a speech in Los Angeles. She died ten weeks later, Nov. 25, 1916. “How long must women wait for liberty?” Inez Milholland

©2008 Linda Allen

If you had seen Inez, riding on her white horse
If you had seen Inez, So beautiful and proud
Perhaps you'd understand, And feel what I feel
We would have walked through fire, If you had seen Inez

If you had seen Inez, Starry crown, so like a queen
Her blue cloak wrapped around her , I see her in my dreams
We marched shoulder to shoulder, Our banner flying high
Inez would ride before us, How I would smile when she went by

“Votes for Women” she would cry
“Votes for Women” we replied
How our hearts were filled with pride
I still cannot believe she died

If you had seen Inez, Her lovely body gaunt and pale
If you had seen her struggle, To speak, to say, again, “We cannot fail”,
Then she crumpled like a white rose, Like petals soft and scattered,
Perhaps you'd understand our sorrow, To carry on was all that mattered
If you had seen Inez. If you had seen Inez