Song of the Domestic League
Virginia Brodine, author and activist, wrote this song in about 1939 as an organizing song for domestic workers. It says a lot about “women's work”.

They're comin' from the nursery and from the laundry, too

And they're comin' from the kitchen where there's always work to do

And they're joining hands in friendship, and they're joining in this song

If we build the League together it will make us strong

Come on girls, join us in the chorus

Come on girls, make the rafters ring

One alone can't speak above a whisper

But if we join together they can hear us sing

Some girls work from 9 to 5 or 'til the whistle blows
Some don't have to work at all 'cause papa's got the dough
No matter when we start out day, how hard the work we do
No whistles blow for us because we're never through

They can see the rows and rows of clothes we hang upon the line
They can always see the tarnish when the silver needs a shine
They can see a hundred extra things they'd like to have us do
Why is it they can never see our point of view?