A Safe Place
Written for Guadalupe House in Tacoma, Washington - a halfway house for women coming out of prison.

©Linda Allen 2009

Women need a safe place, a safe place
Women need a safe place to go
Women need their stories told, a hand to hold
Women need a safe place to go

There are troubles, mmm, women know troubles
We don't know what storms a woman in jail has weathered
What matters, oh, and it matters
She needs a helping hand while she puts the pieces together


She needs shelter, everybody needs shelter
Chances are she's moved from one foster home to another
There's been sorrow, no hope for tomorrow
And pain no drink, no drug could ever cover CHORUS

She needs to heal, she's makin' it real
She needs work for her hands, and a mind that's ready to learn
She needs love, everybody needs love
Trusting enough to be loved and to love in return CHORUS