During the long journey for women's suffrage, Washington State was in the eyes of the world as it won and lost the vote for fifty years. Washington State won the vote in 1910.

©2008 Linda Allen
In the 1850's women voted, In school elections, so we noted
First they could, and then they couldn't, Some thought they should,
some thought they shouldn't
In the 1860's, legislation, Granted votes to every citizen
Mary Brown said, that means us, Women voted, what a fuss!
They'll vote us up, they'll vote us down, They'll give us the runaround
They'll give it, then they'll take away, But we will have our day
We will have our say

In '71, Dan Bigelow, Asked legislators to grant the vote
Even Susan B. Anthony, Could not help the blind to see

But women voted in '77, Once again, in school elections
Our little vote, they did not fear, If we did not step outside our sphere CHO

Then hurrah! In '83, Women won the victory
Black women joined the celebration, First black women to vote in the nation

Now women had been closing in, On liquor and the gambling dens
So a hard-luck gambler in '87, Challenged women in jury selection CHO

The high court said, you're right, old man, And women lost the vote, again
In '88 they got it back, But jury duty they would lack

In August one Nevada Bloomer, Loyal wife of a saloon keeper
Used the courts to lose our vote, We lost our voice, we lost our hope CHO

In '89, we became a state, Men had a chance to clear the slate
But women's rights were voted down, Women got the runaround

Women could not vote again, 'Til nineteen hundred and ten
And could they take it all away? Like they did in olden days?

They'll vote us up, they'll vote us down
They'll give us the runaround
They'll give it, then they'll take away…
Eternal vigilance, we say, Eternal vigilance, we say