Oh, Dear, What can the Matter Be?/What Does It Matter To Me?
A Suffrage song parody about those who resisted Suffrage. My additional verses are aimed at the women who both benefit from and resist the changes for which our foremothers struggled.

Tune: traditional; lyrics: L. May Wheeler, Alternate verses and tune: Linda Allen ©2008

CHORUS: (Sung by chorus of women)
Oh, dear, what can the matter be? Dear, dear, what can the matter be?
Oh, dear, what can the matter be? Women are wanting to vote

Women have husbands, they are protected, Women have sons by
whom they're directed
Women have fathers - they're not neglected, Why are they
wanting to vote?

ALTERNATE VERSE: (Sung by soloist)
What does it matter? They keep going on,
I'm tired of hearing those stupid, old songs
That's now ancient history, That battles been won,
we've got troubles enough, It is time to move on CHO
Women can dress, they love society, women have cash, with its variety
Women can pray, with sweetest piety, why are they wanting to vote?

They're stuck in the past, we have privileges now
We are free to own property, we don't scrape and bow
We're no longer taxed without representation
And we've stopped all the drunkards from ruining the nation CHO

Women have homes, there they should labor, women have children, whom they should favor
Women have time to learn of each neighbor, Why are they wanting to vote?

My fiancé has said he'll allow me to vote,
Just so I remember who captains our boat
As long as the supper and laundry are done,
And I'm properly raising our dear little ones CHO

Women have raised all the sons of the brave, women have shared in the burdens they gave,
Women have labored, your country to save-that's why we're wanting to vote!