After School
©Linda Allen 1985

Jennifer Martin had a very bad day
She was teased by Amanda when she wanted to play
She was told she looked ugly with her hair fixed that way
She was angry

Jennifer Martin walked up to her door
Took the key from the tattered pink ribbon she wore
Then she entered and picked up the mail from the floor
She was lonely

She never got used to how hard it can be
When you're longing to talk, and there's just the T.V.
But Jennifer Martin and her mother, Ann,
Are spending their days the best way that they can

Jennifer's mother, her hand on the phone
Sees the time, and she thinks of her daughter alone
There's another call waiting, she longs to be home
How her heart aches

Her bosses are young, they say no private calls
She's tried to explain, but they don't care at all
So at break time she uses the phone down the hall
Just to call her

She remembers when Jennifer sickened at school
Ann begged to go home, they'd quote company rules
So her daughter walked home, Ann called her at five
Then she went to the bathroom to hide as she cried

Jennifer Martin gets scared now and then
Sometimes it's the neighbors, sometimes it's the wind
Her mother has warned her, she always stays in
With the shades drawn

Jennifer Martin had a very bad day
Her mom understands, she feels much the same way
But they'll soon be together, it'll all be O.K.
They'll be laughing