Spirit Song
©Linda Allen 1986

I met a woman, she was old as the sun
Took me back to where it all had begun
She said, "Love burned you 'til your soul was on fire
You called it love, well, I call it desire"

Spirit of the East, please enter now
We bid you welcome, Spirit of the South
We cast a circle, now, from West to North
We weave a magic web where dreams are born

I met a woman, she was deep as the earth
She took my hand, and led me to my birth
"Love's like a seed", she said, "It's all within you
Love the darkness, let it nurture you" CHORUS

I met a woman, she was strong as the sea
These are the words she used to comfort me
"Love comes in waves, there is an ebb and a flow
Let your heart rest, there's no place it must go" CHORUS

I met a woman, she was free as the air
She danced within me, I could feel her there
She said, "Love's laughter, it's a wild romance
To learn to know it, you must take a chance" CHORUS

Repeat chorus, a capella