Welcome to the newsletters page. Here you will find many of Linda's newsletters that
she has sent out to her friends, family and fans. They are all PDF files. Enjoy.

May '16
Out of the Darkness

November '14

June '14
Summer Solstice

February '14
Breaking Trail

November '13
For All The Saints

January '13
The Comfort of Soup and Song

November '12
The Sacred Tree

August '12
Great News!

October '11
The Peace of Holden Village

August '11
On the Road with Frankie Armstrong

February '11
Sing a Song of Freedom

November '10
Celebrating Women in Bellingham, Spokane, Olympia, Kennewick and Seattle

May '10
Of women, God & Chickens

Jan. '09
Troubled Waters

June '08
Where Everything Is Music

May '08
Pray for Peace

May '07
The Coach's Wife

Feb. '07
We Are the Rainbow Sign

Dec. '07
Nothing's More Important

Nov. '06

Sept. '05
60th Birthday Tour and CD Release

May '05
We Shall Go Singing

Jan. '05
Heart Talk

Sept. 15, '04
The Old Moon Rocks
in the New Moon's Arms

May 17, '04
A Note From The Doctor

Sept. 10, '02
Cracks in the Liberty Bell

Tue, 19 Feb 2002
On the silencing of Voice

Jan. 24, 2003
Let us Seek Out the Light

July 31, 2003
Pecan Pie and The Universe

Jun 30 2001

May 13 2002
Dorothy Day, Geneva
and a New Anthemt

October 31, 2002
Halloween, Women in
Black, Concert & Song

Oct 03, 2001
Of Chocolate Zucchinis and Hope

Aug 31, 2001
Of the Universe, Joanna Macy,
and Singing Recipes

December 15, 2003
And the Light's Still Shinin'


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