October Roses
An album close to the heart -- with songs reflecting Linda's passion for history as well as contemporary issues.

Dedicated to older women "whose beauty and wisdom and strength continue to inspire and sustain me." Guest appearances by Margie Adam, Geof Morgan, Cary Black, the Righteous Mothers, and more.

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Songs featured on October Roses:

October Roses - a poignant, respectful tribute to the fullness of womanhood and the experience of aging

If Hope Is A Flower - a look into the heart of the single mother

Overland 1852 - a hard hitting, true-to-life story of one woman's journey to California by wagon train, haunting and unforgettable

I'm A Mother / I'm A Writer - a thoughtful song that names some of the challenges confronted by working mothers who find their dual role laced with feelings and choices. Inspired by the writer, Alta, and the line from her book Mama that read, "I am a mother. I am a writer. Will I ever be able to really believe both these statements?"

Working It Out - a jazz ballad on relationships - surviving the hard times, creating the new forms and all the struggles in between

Just Friends - about friendship's pivotal points and decisions, a beautiful love song most everyone can identify with

Spirit Keeper - a sensitive and delicately told storysong about surviving incest. Its message goes deep and wide

Together Again - defining relationships takes communication, care and understanding. Sung with Geof Morgan this song tells both sides of the age-old, yet ever-new struggle between women and men

Sally's Quiche - a recipe song (yes, it's actually a recipe!) that speaks to the positive value of traditions. It also makes a truly good supper.

Why Don't You Sing In The Chorus? - Did you ever try out for the lead in the play only to hear that reply? This song's for all of us whose all-important, supporting voices fill voids that would resound with emptiness if we were not there.

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