Born in Seattle, Linda has written, collected, taught, performed and organized music since 1969. She has compiled and edited two collections of Northwest songs, The Rainy Day Songbook and Washington Songs and Lore.

She served as Washington State's Resident Songwriter for the Washington State Centennial Commission, resulting in a recording of original Northwest songs, Washington Songbook. A prolific songwriter, she has produced six recordings of original songs.

Linda has worked for the State's Cultural Enrichment Program, the Washington Women's Heritage Project, the Folklife in the Schools program of the Northwest Folklife Festival, and the Washington Grange Music Heritage Project. She's brought her performance of Northwest songs to historical and educational conferences, schools, libraries and museums throughout the State. Dr. Allen has developed residencies for Grades 3, 4 and 7 to meet the State's recommended guidelines (EALR) for exploring Washington's history and culture.

Dr. Allen received her BA in Education, completed training with the Expressive Arts Training Institute, and received her doctorate from the University of Creation Spirituality in 2004.

Concerts, Workshops, and Residencies

It's the basket-weavers and miners, the quilt-makers, suffragists and struggling farmworkers that find their way into the music of Linda Allen. Her songs and stories bring history to life. Riveting, funny and compelling , this body of work forms the basis for concerts and workshops that are excellent for schools, museums and other community building events.

Washington Songbook

A rich mosaic of traditional and contemporary songs that celebrate Washington's unique heritage and culture. Adaptable to all age groups.

"Linda Allen has done it again! Her original songs magnify the Washington experience, its history and its issues. ..With the support of an insightful study guide, this is a wonderful resource·."

- Barbara Porter, Music Educator

Grade 3, 4, and 7 School Residencies

Linda enjoys developing her residencies in cooperation with the teachers. Classroom visits have been supplemented by parent and student sing-a-long concerts, dances, and student demonstrations of pioneer food, art projects, and dramatic programs. Linda has also offered in-service experiences for teachers.

Typical elementary school residencies include three in-class visits of 30 to 45 minutes. Length of the residencies are typically three to five days, depending on the number of classrooms. Middle school visits are two to three in-class visits of 60 minutes.

Linda's performances are accompanied by a variety of folk instruments including guitar, spoons, limber-jack, strum stick, and mountain dulcimer.

Dr. Allen's school residencies and workshops help to fulfill the Essential Academic Learning Requirement, available through the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction. The EALRs addressed through her programs are found under Washington State History, Geography, and Government for the Intermediate Grades, and Washington State History and Geography for Grade 7. In addition, her programs enhance the study of Language Arts/Writing and Communication, Music and Expressive Arts.

"Linda Allen is a gift to both children and adults! Her wonderful music brought Washington history to life for all of us. Her lyrics and melodies are still running through our heads...and we continue to sing the history of our state as Linda taught it to us. Linda's gentle spirit is clearly present in her music and performances. She helped the children understand that they had many songs hidden within themselves...that were just waiting to be shared with the world!"
— Jan Freitag, National Board Certified Teacher, Woodridge Elementary

"I was impressed by your personal guidance and preparation with members of our core faculty, with the professionalism of your lesson plans, and with the knowledge and confidence in your delivery of stories and songs. This was a very worthwhile experience for students and teachers alike!
As my classes continue their exploration of Washington's history and cultures, I am confident that your time with us has had the effect of increasing student interest and promoting a deeper understanding of our state's rich heritage."

— Jane Palmer, 7th Core Teacher, Whatcom Middle School

"I like the way Linda told us about he songs she wrote and where they came from and how old they were. I liked singing all her songs. Each one was different."
"I learned a lot about Washington history and the people who made our life the way it is today."
"It was fun when all the 4th graders knew Linda's songs so we could sing them when we went to our overnight science camp!"

— 4th Grade Students - Woodridge Elementary School

"Thank you so much for coming. You made history great and I loved that you had the courage to do that."
"You had amazing talent playing your instruments. I enjoyed your presence greatly. I also like how you let us sing with you. It was really fun."
"You made Washington's history easy to learn and understand. I really liked the songs you sand. And I have the geoduck song stuck in my head. Thank you again"
"I think you are a wonderful singer and when you said that everyone can be a singer that really made me feel like a better singer. Thank you."

— 7th Grade Students, Whatcom Middle School.

Where Do Your People Come From?

History made personal, this workshop incorporates children's own stories with songs and stories about Washington's people. Ideal for all ages.

"Friday I had a very very very good day because you came"

- 3rd Grade Student

"What great songs! Not only do they fit into a variety of curriculum areas and grade levels but they are relevant to the kids and great springboards for discussion."

- Laura Smith, 3rd Grade Teacher

The Work We Do

One way that the story of Washington's people can be told is through the work they do. Whether it's current work or past work, family work or ancestral work, work that's paid or work that's unpaid, the mosaic of Washington's culture is held together by the work that people do.

Sharing stories through song and conversation yields a rich and vibrant history and tells us a lot about who we are today.

"It's clear to me that Linda Allen is one of our state's precious resources. She has dedicated so much of her talent to preserving with her music Washington's unique history that she has earned her own place within its chapters."

- Laurette Langille, Northwest Events


Washington Musical Resources
Washington Notebook
Washington Notebook
Curriculum Guide
Rainy Day Song Book
(out of print)

Here's To The Women by Linda Allen
Here's To The Women!
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Pictured at right is Linda's Washington Songs and Lore book. Although the book is currently out of print, it is widely available in public libraries. This book is an excellent resource.

(out of print)
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