of Linda Allen's work is spirit, compassion and social justice. Workshops, classes and retreats are intimate opportunities for people to get closer to personal purpose through the work Linda does.

She has a long history of teaching all age groups and will tailor her presentation to a variety of themes. Linda uses a wide variety of expressive arts techniques in a safe and nourishing environment. Linda is an ordained Doctor of Ministry, an Expressive Arts Practitioner, and a Certified Clinical Musician . She is the founder of the Bellingham Threshold Singers, and is currently the Director of Women with Wings, whose purpose is to bring women’s song circles to those who are ill, isolated or suffering. Her doctoral thesis was on the Spirituality of Voice.

Photo by Mary Carlson

Voices of Compassion:
An Introduction to
Therapeutic Singing
at the Bedside

Music is one of the greatest gifts we can offer to those who are seriously ill or dying. The purpose of this workshop is to introduce the principles and practices of singing at the bedside. We learn songs, discuss ethical standards and bedside techniques, share resources in the field of healing music, and practice singing for each other. If time allows, we’ll create a new song for bedside singing.

This workshop/retreat is open to musicians, family members, chaplains, healthcare professionals and anyone who is interested in using their voice to lessen pain and anxiety at the bedside of those who are suffering.
We will also indulge in some playful vocal awareness exercises to help bring us one step further in our relationship to our own natural voices.

Here's to the Women!

Both the silencing of women’s experience and the empowering of women’s voices will be showcased in this one-hour presentation, featuring songs, stories, readings and (power point) images. We meet Spokane’s Helga Estby who walked across America in 1896, Emma Smith Devoe and May Arkwright Hutton, suffragists instrumental in winning the vote in 1910, Alice Lord who organized Seattle waitresses in the 1930s, and Rosie, the Riveter, an “icon” from the 40’s. Linda offers a window into these and many more ordinary and extraordinary lives.

This workshop was produced with support from the Washington Women’s History Consortium, the Inquiring Mind program of Humanities Washington, and the Whatcom Museum of History and Art. Linda presented in over thirty-two towns in Washington State as Washington commemorated 100 years of the vote for women.

The Bridge Between
Earth and Sky:
A Natural Voice Workshop
An exploration of the mysterious territory of voice; its connection to our body and soul, the power it contains, and the profound joy of singing together in community. The workshop may include theater, dance, art-making, story, and ritual and is available in one to six-hour formats. Linda is a member of the Natural Voice Practitioners Network.
The Artist's Way
Linda teaches classes for those who wish to explore their creativity and its connection to spirituality. The class integrates the teachings of Julia Cameron and others with Linda's own experience in her study of Expressive Arts Therapy. "Your loving encouragement was both healing and inspirational. Thank you!" ...Former Student
Images of the Sacred
Linda uses songs, poems, and discussion to explore the richness and variety of that which we call "sacred." In its retreat format, this workshop can include dance, art, ritual, meditation and reflection.
The Heart of the Matter
Why write songs? How do we find our unique voice? What inspires us? Linda offers insights, tips and tools for songwriting, with a focus on lyrics. Classes offer a safe environment for beginners and new challenges for established writers.
Washington Songbook
Suffragists and basket-weavers, miners and quilt-makers, struggling farmworkers and ill-fated Wobblies-- these are the people who find their way into this rich tapestry of old and new songs celebrating Washington's unique heritage and culture "...a thoroughly professional performer who not only is an accomplished musician and singer, but has developed a historical sense that she uses to enhance her songs."  ...Linda Mariz, Kathryn Anderson
Here's to the Women!
Traditional, contemporary and original songs that celebrate women's stories and contributions. Great for Women's History Month!
Women's Work
Songs and readings that speak of the reality and importance of the work women have always done, in and out of home, paid and unpaid.
The Work We Do
One Way that the story of Washington's people can be told is through the work they do. Whether its current work or past work, family work or ancestral work, work that's paid or work that's unpaid, the mosaic of Washington's culture is held together by the work that people do. Sharing stories through song and conversation yields a rich and vibrant history and tells us a lot about who we are today.
Where Do Your People
Come From?
School residencies and workshops that incorporate children's own stories with songs and stories about Washington's people. "Friday I had a very very very good day because you came...."

...Third Grade Student


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