“Now my daughters make their way, I smile to hear the things they say,

So many seeds I tried to plant, nurtured now in their strong hands

Fingers dance on their guitars, songs as true as shooting stars

Grandma’s light is burning still.  I believe it always will.

Many generations. Many generations”

This page is for my daughters, Jen and Kristin Allen-Zito. They are two amazing musicians who have sung and recorded with me through these many years.  As we build on these pages, please indulge me in some occasional nostalgia here, even as I present to you an introduction to the powerful performers they are now.

Kristin Allen Zito

Kristin Allen Zito

Kristin is busy these days with a wonderful country band called “Double Country”.  She also performs her original songs in concert, solo or with her own band.  She is working on her newest recording, following the release of two previous CDs, The Atlas and Helium.

My favorite song from The Atlas is  “Pedaling My Bike”.  You’ll find it on the bandcamp site or Kristin’s website.

Kristin also toured extensively with The Trucks, a rock band she founded, and who occasionally still perform.  Wonderfully outrageous! You can also learn about The Trucks on Wikipedia.

Here’s a taste of The Trucks:

Jen Allen-Zito

Jen Allen-Zito

Here’s a song that Jen is featured on, “Bent Over Woman”.  It’s a song I wrote for the multi-media production, Daughters of Lilith, and appears on the newest CD, Singing the News.

Jen sings as a soloist at Glide Memorial Church in San Francisco, and teaches voice.  She is also a composer, and is currently preparing a new recording project.