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February 2019

My new web site was launched on Christmas day, 2018, and since that time we’ve had many visitors, and many lovely and helpful comments. Thank you for checking us out, and please continue to give us your comments, both laudatory and constructive.

There is a lot here to share!  You’ll find a page dedicated to Suffrage 2020, with a description of the multi-media program I do, plus resources including my Here’s to the Women! CD.  Visit my Suffrage Presentation page for more information about this work as we gear up to celebrate 100 years of Suffrage.

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There is also a page for Therapeutic Music, an area I am actively engaged in as a Certified Clinical Musician with Hospice of the Northwest, offering music at the bedside of those who may be seriously ill or dying, or who may just need the comfort of music.  I’ve now completed two recordings and a song book prepared particularly for this work:  Carry Us Through This Night and the newly released Into the Promise of Morning.  Visit my Therapeutic Music page, and you’ll learn about other resources.

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About two-thirds of the cost of Into the promise of Morning has been funded by the generous donations of folks like you. This has not only allowed the project to go forward, but it now means that I can move ahead with my plan to give free copies of this CD to hospice workers and patients. That fundraising project is ongoing, so if you would like to find out more about it, and/or donate to it, you can do so by going to our “How Can I Keep from Singing” GoFundMe site. Thank you so much!

In these challenging times, there is still more to do and say. Every voice is needed!  So I have just completed recording my newest CD, Singing the News.  These are songs of hope, courage, whimsy, history, love and death which I hope you enjoy. I also had wonderful support for this project from the GoFundMe site. Truly it takes a village.

On April 13th, 2019, we will be holding a benefit concert for the Bellingham Food Bank. We’ll also be celebrating my fifty years as a working musician and my two newest CDs.  It is also an excuse to play a concert with so many of the musicians who accompanied me on these recordings, including our daughters, Jen and Kristin Allen-Zito. This musical journey of mine has been so richly supported by the faith shown in me by so many of you. This celebration is also in gratitude for the community that makes work like mine possible.

In these pages you’ll find currently scheduled eventsrecordings, archival photos, and newsletters from 2001 to the present. See the bars to the right in the heading above. Scott has recently completed an archive of lyrics to over one-hundred-sixty songs, organized by album and by category.  We’ll be adding new content as the months go by, so please do come back and visit. We will be adding a category called Back Pages, which will include “Basement Tapes”, previously unpublished songs and poems, a page for Jen and Kristin, Washington History, Spirituality, and more!

You can also visit me on Facebook, where you’ll also be notified of my occasional newsletters, now posted at my Linda’s Occasional Newsletter page on this website. I am also in the process of developing a YouTube channel with old and new performances by me and others, recordings and more.  We’ll keep you apprised of these developments as this continues to evolve.

May love carry us all as we embrace the hope of this new year.

Linda Allen
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"This recording filled me to the brim with fresh hope. Voices of reason, compassion and truth can and will be heard." Anne Nolting

"Wow! You’ve done it again. I was so deeply impressed by the obvious love and devotion that had to have gone into the making of this production." Su Skjersaa