Carry Us Through This Night


 "BRAVO to Linda Allen and Women with Wings for your authentic and transforming contributions to healing! Through music and song, your voices soothe the soul and put hurts and fears to rest for a bit. "
– Dawn-Marie Hanrahan

"I was so overwhelmed with your comforting music! There are so many friends and relatives of mine who are at difficult times in their lives and your CDs will be greatly loved, enjoyed, and appreciated."
– Lynn Dager

"I gave a CD to a patient of mine, and she said it was the most exquisitely beautiful, healing music that she has ever heard. She’s been playing it over and over and over again."
– Colleen O’Rell

"Your music is beautiful, soothing, and an opening to the soul. Thank you, and I know you will be blessed for offering up the deepest parts of your heart to the world. "
–Su Skjersaa Lukinbeal