Here's to the Women

Comments from the Audience

Effectiveness of speaker:

  • Great talent – so enjoyable to see it and listen to someone who can sing and speak knowledgeably.

  • This was excellent, particularly when the speaker showed photographs of items and then sang the very same words in the next song.

  • Great presentation.

  • Excellent musician, charming presentation of important history.

  • Loved the music and the history – very inspiring.

  • Wonderful

  • Absolutely delightful – has encouraged me to look into more about these and other women.

  • Very professional slides/ beautiful songs and singing.

  • Keep up the great work!

  • Thank you so much.  What a fun and powerful legacy your children have..

  • I liked the story about Helga Estby

  • Shared much but more would have been better.


Change or add to your understanding of subject matter?

  • Heritage of all women is amazing

  • I knew there were women in our state’s history, but I am now much more aware of the difficulties they faced and the efforts the women made to become organized into unions.

  • Reminds me how recent women’s rights have been advocated and established.  Encourage me to appreciate my “rights”, not take them for granted and nurture other women in having a voice – not being silenced.

  • More insight into the “waves” of feminism in Washington.

  • (Learned) more about quilting and basket weaving as a means of passing on stories.