Where I Stand

"Linda Allen is a peoples' musician. People like her keep that idea from becoming a relic of the past.  Linda hears a story, reads a headline, observes a confrontation, senses a broken heart and then turns it into song. When we hear it back, we are invited to stay human."
- Holly Near

"Linda Allen writes the songs that will heal the cloudy places in your heart. And her latest release, "Where I Stand", is filled with the love she contributes to our world." 
- Karl Anthony


"Where I Stand" is truly a piece for our time.  With roots that go deep in the folk tradition, these are songs that will wash over your spirit like a cool rain.  When things appear as despairing as they so often do these days, like bees to the flower we are drawn inexorably to images of beauty and hope.  Listen to Where I Stand long enough and sooner or later you will begin to believe once again.  Perhaps like you used to believe, long ago." 
- Scott Slaba

"This CD reveals the best writing of Allen's career. Most of the songs on Where I STand are political and/or strongly philosophical. "God of All Beyond the SEa" is a deeply moving requiem for victims of the 2004 tsunami and the survivors' search and prayers for their vanished children. "Old Love" brought tears to my eyes. It's one of the most realistic, yet romantic songs in tribute to an aging, but very much alive relationship. "Helga Estby" grippingly tells of her harrowing cross-country walk across Americal in 1896. Allen also exhibits a great sense of humor, such as in the "Wake Up Song" for her son Nathaniel, where she resorts to everything shy of cruise missiles to get him out of bed in the morning. Similrly, the title gives away the punch line of "Mama Cleans Out Her Purse", a song worth of Lou and Peter Berryman. ---this is a wonderful recording of honesty and mission wrapped in poetry."
- Rich Warren, Sing Out! Magazine

"Wow.  Linda Allen has made a lot of records, many of them in the service of Washington State’s important projects, causes, and messages, but now she has made the CD for all of us, and for just herself, and it’s her best.  This is a great artist in her full majesty.  Her voice is rich and deep and supple, and she sings with a warm, frank ease and optimism.  The opening, title cut is a proud declaration that she is going to continue to stand up for her ideals, and it sets the tone for the album.  Those ideals do not waver, but Allen invites us to share in her life, both her activism and hard work (“I Believe”, “Heroes”) and the goofy little vignettes of everyday existence (“Wake Up Song” and “Mama Cleans Out Her Purse”).  Her guitar playing is splendid, and she’s tastefully backed up by a small group that includes her now-adult children.  The record has a full, professional sound without being slick, and is loaded with popular appeal without selling out or resorting to easy hooks.  It’s simply great; maybe the Pacific Northwest’s record of the year.”
-Tom Petersen, Victory Review

"Linda Allen's "Where I Stand" CD lifts our hearts with it's courageous personal stories and universal themes of caring.  Her silky voice supports both her spirituality and her down to earth messages of human love and struggle.  Don't miss this one!" 
-- Peter Alsop

"There are so many innovators, and imitators, and angst-ridden songwriters, and the whole thing has changed so much in the twenty-five years that I have been doing the show, and then occasionally you do an album, and that swings it all back into place. The heart and spirit is like a shot in the arm for those of us who are becoming jaded.”
--Dan Maher "Inland Folk", Northwest Public Radio
(chosen as one of Dan's "Top Ten CDs of the Year"